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Missionaries and Ministries we support

As of March, 2022

The heartbeat of Calvary is our foreign mission ministry. Over 60 missionaries and/or mission agencies are continually put before the people. Several of our own former members are now on the mission field. It is the vision of Calvary Baptist Church to see the Lord call many from our congregation to into the Lord’s Harvest field.

Ackeret, Mark & Ashley (Ecuador)

Anderson, Steve & Martha (BWM – Field Administrator for Africa, UK, Ireland, Middle East and Furlough Replacement)

Arnold, Dan & Jen (Germany)  

Arnold, Joel & Sarah (Philippines)

Baker, Amanda (England, UK)

Bowen, Branden & Laura (Madagascar)

Brosnan, Kevin & Tamara (BWM – Field Administrator, Europe)

Brunner, Kevin & Mary (Philippines)

Calland, (Central Asia)

Canedy, Dave & Nancy (BWM – Depuation Director & Field Admin, Canada, USA)

Champlin, Jon & Sherrie (Suriname)

Childs, Nathan & Kristin (South Africa)

Coelho, Roberto & Patricia (Brazil)

Cuthbertsons, Seth & Paige (Ivory Coast)

Darlin, Dave & Marcia (Hong Kong, China)

Delaney, Pat & Mary (BWM – Field Administrator, Asia & Pacific)

Dysert, Tim & Alice (Spain)

Facenda, Jonathan & Rachael (S. Korea)

Fitzgerald, Buddy & Loren (Peru)

Fruin, Ron & Tina (South Africa)

Garza, Jesse & Laura (Indianapolis, IN – Church Planting)

Hall, Jon & Marie (Australia)

Hamilton, Ben & Andrea (The Bronx, NYC, USA)

Hammermeister, Darren & Beth (BC, Canada)

Hartman, Craig & Lauri (Shalom Ministries) 

Hawk, Bill & Patsy (Spain)

Johnson, Tom & Anna (Cambodia)

Jones, Matt & Courtney (Thailand)

Kim, Hung & Priscilla (Myanmar/Burma)

Kowach, Dan & Dee (S. Korea)

Latham, Jonathan & Wendy (Mexico)

Little, Greg & Amanda (St. Lucia)

Maietta, Frank & Jennie (Italy)

Martin, Mike & Hannah (BWM – Field Administrator, Latin and South Americas)

McKinney, Jacob & Shera (Bolivia)

Nelsen, Mark & Denise (France)

Olah, Gedeon & Yoli (Hungary)

Pack, Aaron & Christina (Alabama, USA)

Parrow, Mary (Ireland)

Perez, Archie & Ruth (Uruguay)

Perkins, Josh & Natalie (Papua New Guinea) 

Peterson, Tim & Cynthia (Germany)

Piper, Garth & Lynette (New Zealand)

Reason, Jeff & Jayne (FGBC – NS, Canada)

Ring, Mike & Tammy (Brazil)

Risinger, Joe & Lindsay (Uganda)

Roberts, Josh & Rachel (Wales, UK)

Rowland, Jeremy & Teresa (BCPM)

Sechrest, James & Joyce (Furlough Replacement)

Sehested, Dan & Lyn (Romania)

Shore, Ben & Katie (Scotland, UK)

Smith, Ron & Kim (US Military – CA)

Steinbart, Nathanael & Linette (Kenya)

Tacon, Joey & Jenny (Italy)

Teachout, Ray & Jennifer (French Guyana)

Thang, Neng & Niang (Myanmar)

Threlfall, Doug & Barbara (S. Korea)

Trometer, Gary & Yvonne (Brazil)

Vanderhoof, Don & Jill (Germany)

Waugh, Laverne (Zimbabwe)

Willis, David & Jennifer (Spain)

Wright, Jim & Myra (Furlough Replacement)