Young And Married Saints (YAMS) is a fellowship group within Calvary Baptist Church, designed for married couples whose combined ages are 80 and under. At Calvary Baptist Church, we have a vibrant community of young married couples, some with children, some without, who are learning to balance the demands of marriage, family and career.  Married life brings new challenges and it’s helpful to adjust to those challenges with the help of other couples, which is why this group was created. 

YAMS events include engaging activities that stimulate godly fellowship, as well as exciting opportunities to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by serving others. These events will be announced on the YAMS bulletin board located by the staff offices. The events include stimulating godly fellowship,as well as exciting opportunities to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by serving others.  Through Sunday School and social activities, these couples are learning together, supporting each other and growing in their faith.  Come be a part of YAMS and discover the joy God has for your marriage.

Q & A:

Do we have to  attend Sunday School to be apart of YAMS?

No, but we highly recommend that you and your spouse get involved in a Sunday School class.
Attending Sunday School will only enrich your spiritual walk with the Lord, and create a need to know
Him more. Please visit the Sunday School bulletin board to determine which Sunday School class would be best for you and your spouse.

Are there any ministries that YAMS are a part of?

Yes. There are currently two ministries: 

1. Visitor Outreach. When a young married couple attends Calvary a copy of their visit will be given
to a member of YAMS. An email or phone call will be made to the visitors thanking them for visiting
CBC. After that time it will be up to the visitors if they would like a scheduled visit from Calvary. Kevin & Christina Helmick are the team leaders for this ministry.

2. Meals on Wheels. This ministry is designed for YAMS to help one another within the activity group.
When a person is very ill, recovering from a hospital procedure, etc., YAMS will organize meals for these families in need. We should all be a blessing to those who are burdened.

How often are activities planned?

Activities are planned every two to three months depending on holidays. Young marrieds are typically very active with family, work and church ministries. Activities are designed not to overwhelm couples, but to be spaced out to work with everyone’s busy schedule. Babysitting will be available at the church for non-family activities.