About Sin - Hamartiology

Sin separates!  It separates man from God, life from death, and Heaven from hell.   It can be summarized in one word - autonomy.  Sin is, in its purest essence, self-will.

We believe that sin for mankind originated in the Fall as recorded in Genesis. We believe that the Fall is a genuine historical account of events regarding Adam and Eve and Satan. Man was originally created in a holy, but untested, state. Had Adam and Eve made the decision to obey God, they would have gained an experiential knowledge between good and evil and thus developed a confirmed holy character. Instead they made the decision to reject God and elevate self. The results were devastating! Mankind was expelled from the Garden and doomed to suffer both spiritual and physical death. Creation itself has suffered from the curse of the Fall. The reason why God allowed this sin to occur is not clearly delineated in Scripture, but we believe it to be an inevitable consequence of allowing man to have a free will. In no way though is God the author of, nor responsible for, sin.

We believe that all men after Adam and Eve are sinners because of an inherited sin nature.  This sin nature guarantees that we will make sinful decisions and follow a selfish course through life.  Theologians debate the matter of whether men are guilty because of Adam's sin or simply receive a corrupted sinful nature thus guaranteeing they will sin on their own.  Regardless of the specifics it is certain that all have a corrupted nature and that all who achieve the capability of making choices will make sinful ones.

Many define sin as a lack of conformity to the moral law of God. While we believe this to be a true statement, we think the essence of sin is simply self-will. Human autonomy is at the root of every single human sin that has ever occurred.