About the Bible - Bibliology

Since knowing God is impossible outside of His own self-revelation (Theology:Revelation), it is imperative that we have a firm grasp of that revelation.  God's Word is the account of God's revelation of Himself to mankind.

We believe that the Bible in its original languages is the written, specific revelation of God to man. It was verbally (the exact words used) and plenarily (the entire corpus of scripture) inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is inerrant, without mistake, and without deceit. Modern translations are reliable and trustworthy to the extent that they accurately, literally convey the verbiage and meaning of the original text.

We believe that the original human authors used their own experiences, communal stories, research, and direct revelation from God to arrive at their choice of words and topics. The Holy Spirit ensured that the final product of their efforts was exactly what God wanted written. The human authors were not "human typewriters" merely recording the words put in their minds by the Holy Spirit. Rather, each book bears the distinctive characteristics of its human author while at the same time having the divine stamp of perfection. Because of the Divine origin of Scripture, we believe it to be the sole source of truth for faith and practice in the believer's life. It is authoritative and must be taken as the direct Word of God. It must be studied, taught, preached, and obeyed in all matters.

This is a critical issue and cannot be compromised in any manner! To allow for any error, to allow for only portions to be inspired, to allow for only meanings and not words to be inspired is to undermine the very foundation of our faith. If we don't have a perfectly reliable source of revelation from God Himself, then we are reduced to innumerable opinions and doctrine is worthless.