About Christ - Christology

The term "Christology" refers to the study of Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ is, always has been, and always will be God. Specifically He is the second Person of the Trinity, equal in essence with the Father and Spirit, and having no beginning or end. He existed before the creation of the universe and was instrumental in its creation. In the Old Testament He is seen as the angel of Jehovah. In the New Testament He is seen as the Messiah and as God Himself.

We believe that the eternal Son became human through the process of the incarnation. The incarnation involved Mary, a virgin at the time, being impregnated by the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. The result was a unique God-man, Jesus Christ. In the incarnation, Jesus was fully human, lacking only an inherited sin nature. In the incarnation, Jesus was fully God, lacking only the outward manifestation of Deity. There was no intermingling of the Divine and human natures. This union of God and man is a permanent one and enables God to genuinely experience humanity. It also allows Jesus Christ to uniquely serve as a mediator between God and man. We agree with the Chalcedonian statement that

He is one Christ, existing in two natures without mixture, without division, without separation; the diversity of the natures not being destroyed by their union in the one person; but the peculiar properties of each nature being preserved and concurring to the One Person.

We believe that the God-man Jesus Christ not only never sinned but was unable to sin. As such he was unjustly accused, sentenced, and put to death. His death on the cross was voluntary, sacrificial, substitutionary, and propitiatory, providing atonement for all men.

We believe that He was resurrected on the third day providing the ultimate victory over death. Afterward, He ascended bodily into Heaven where He is presently at the right hand of the Father. His work in Heaven now includes being the Head of the Church, Intercessor, and Advocate. He will visibly return for His bride, the Church, prior to the tribulation.