About Angels - Angelology

Misinformation and a growing public curiosity have combined to create much misunderstanding about angels and their function in God's creation. Fortunately the Bible has much to say about what angels are and are not and what their purpose is in today's world.

We believe that angels are a class of spiritual beings created by God, each having personality and immortality. Each angel was created directly by God since angels do not engage in procreation. They were all originally holy but with the moral freedom to sin. Satan made this decision to sin in rebellion against God and convinced a large number of the angels to join him. He and the other rebellious angels were cast from Heaven and allowed to rule this world as an adversary of God and His people. As such, Satan serves the greater purpose in God's plan. Eventually, Satan and the other rebellious angels will be cast into Hell eternally. We believe that Hell was created for Satan and the fallen angels, not for man.

We believe that the unfallen angels were confirmed in their holiness because of their decision not to rebel against God and, therefore, will never sin. They are referred to as cherubim and seraphim and serve as messengers, protectors, and worshippers of God. They have been accurately described as "administrators of the universe." In relationship to believers they serve as protectors, revealers of truth, for guidance and answering prayer, and as a test of hospitality.

We believe that the fallen angels were confirmed in their sin and will never be redeemed. They are seen today as demons. Demons have the ability to oppress carnal believers and possess unbelievers. This possession involves the demon controlling and dominating the victim in such a manner that cannot be resisted. While we do think demonic possession is possible today, we do not think Christians should engage in exorcisms. The only valid response to demonic possession is prayer.