About the Spirit - Pneumatology

There is unfortunately great confusion concerning the ministry of the Holy Spirit in this dispensation.   People often seek to glorify the person and work of the Spirit through magnifying spiritual gifts and/or giving undue attention to the Spirit.  Scripture is clear that the Spirit came not to seek His own glory but rather to glorify Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Divine Trinity. He is fully God and has a genuine personality. In the Old Testament He was instrumental in the Revelation of God to man and enabled certain men in supernormal ways to accomplish God's will. In the New Testament He was instrumental in the ministry of Jesus Christ - filling, leading, anointing, and empowering Christ to fulfill His mission. We believe that today the work of the Holy Spirit may be seen in four distinct areas: in the world at large (Common Grace); in the life of an unbeliever (Conviction); in the life of a believer at the moment of salvation (Regeneration, Indwelling, Sealing, and Baptism); and in the life of a believer after salvation (Filling, Fruit, Illumination, and Gifts). The Holy Spirit will continue much of His ministry throughout the Tribulation and the Millennium.  We also believe that the Holy Spirit will throughout the course of His ministry refuse to bring glory to Himself, but rather seek to glorify Jesus Christ.